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City of Talent Oregon / Staff Directory

Staff Directory

First Name 
Last Name 
Phone #  Department 
David    Pastizzo   Council Member Seat 3  541-535-1566  City Council & Mayor   
Divya  Amesur  Police Officer  541-535-1253   Police   
Darby  Ayers-Flood  Mayor  541-535-1566  City Council & Mayor   
TJ  Beaber  Finance Clerk II  541-535-1566  Administration/Finance   
*Coleen   Bradley  Community Development Assistant  541-535-3828  Public Works   
Ana   Byers  Council Member Seat 2  541-535-1566  City Council & Mayor   
Tamara   Camp  Administrator  541-535-1253   Police   
Lencin  Carnighan  Police Officer  541-535-1253  Police   
Jason  Clark  Council Member Seat 6  541-535-1566  City Council & Mayor   
Ronald   Davis  Maintenance Specialist II  541-535-3828  Public Works   
Tessa  DeLine  Finance Director  541-535-1566  Administration/Finance   
Gail  Fischer  Police Records  541-535-1253  Police   
*Hector  Flores  Community Engagement   541-535-1566  Administration/Finance   
Jeff  Gaunt  Sergeant  541-535-1253  Police   
Rhett  Gillespie  Maintenance Specialist 1   541-535-3828  Public Works   
Nicole  Greider  Council Member Seat 4  541-535-1566  City Council & Mayor   
Shannon  Haggar  Billing Clerk II  541-535-1566  Administration/Finance   
Leslea  Heiken  Payroll Clerk  541-535-1566  Administration/Finance   
Ken   Lehman  Police Officer / School Resource Officer  541-535-1253  Police   
Bret  Marshall  Public Works Director  541-535-3828  Public Works   
*Lucero   Martinez  City Recorder / Community Engagement   541-535-1566  Administration/Finance   
Kristen   Maze  Community Development Director  541-535-7401  Community Development   
Steve  Olsen  Maintenance Specialist 1  541-535-3828  Public Works   
Mike   Oxendine  Hazard Mitigation Coordinator   541-535-1566   
Colette   Paré-Miller   Council Member Seat 1  541-535-1566  City Council & Mayor   
Eleanor  Ponomareff  Council Member Seat 5  541-535-1566  City Council & Mayor   
Koltin   Reid  Maintenance Specialist 1  541-535-3828  Public Works   
Greg  Ridenour  Police Officer  541-535-1253   Police   
*Hector   Rocha  Community Development Assistant  541-535-7401   Community Development   
Amanda   Rogers  Records/Property Control   541-535-1253  Police   
Jordan  Rooklyn  City Manager   541-535-1566  Administration/Finance   
Michael  Sanchez  Police Officer  541-535-1253   Police   
Andrej   Schwan   Police Officer  541-535-1253  Police   
Robert   Slayton  Superintendent of Public Works  541-535-3828  Public Works   
Jennifer  Snook  Chief of Police   541-535-1253  Police   
Kim  Trimiew  Planning Technician  541-535-7401   Community Development   
Brad  Walter  Code Enforcement   541-535-7401   Community Development   
Brad   Walters  Maintenance Specialist 1   541-535-1566  Public Works   
Mike   White   IT Director   541-535-1566