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City of Talent Oregon / RSS Feeds

RSS Feeds

What is RSS?  RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. It is a way for you to have the latest online news, agendas, or calendar events delivered to you automatically, rather than having to check our website periodically to see if there is anything new.

Just point your web browser or RSS reader URL at:

For news:  http://www.cityoftalent.org/genrss.asp?Type=news
For agendas:  http://www.cityoftalent.org/genrss.asp?Type=agendas
For calendar items: http://www.cityoftalent.org/genrss.asp?Type=calendar

In order to view a news feed you must have a piece of software called a News Reader. If you see a bunch of gobbledygook (HTML code) instead of news when trying to view a news feed, you probably don't have a reader installed on your computer.

Where do I get a RSS reader? The latest versions of popular web browsers (Internet Explorer 11+, Firefox 25+, Safari 6+, etc.) have news readers built in. There are browser extensions for Chrome such as this one. Many smart phones also have built-in news readers. Personalized online portals such as MyYahoo! have built-in readers. There are also many free stand-alone readers available, such as the Digg Reader.

Can't I just get news via e-mail instead? Yes! You can also subscribe to the City of Talent news and other information via email. However, this information is only e-mailed once per day, whereas RSS news is delivered as soon as it is posted.