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Short-Term Rentals - FAQ

What types of structures are allowed to operate short-term rentals?

The Zoning Code (Chapter 18.137.070 Short-Term Rentals) allows a resident to rent bedrooms in all residential zones subject to land use review. A short–term rental permit allows the rental of bedrooms to overnight guests on a short-term basis (less than 30 days). Accessory Dwellings may not be used for short-term rentals.

What are the steps for getting a short-term rental permit?

  1. Fill out the application and submit permit fee payment
  2. Complete the requirements for the Neighborhood Notice, and
  3. Have the bedroom(s) to be rented to overnight guests inspected by the Building Inspector.

What will the building inspection include?

For single-family structures, the Building Inspector will verify that each bedroom to be rented to overnight guests met the building code requirements for a sleeping room at the time it was created or converted, has a smoke detector that is interconnected with a smoke detector in an adjacent hallway, common area, or immediate vicinity of sleeping rooms and is located on a floor that has a functioning carbon monoxide alarm. Carbon monoxide alarms shall be located in each bedroom or within 15 feet outside of each bedroom door. For Multi-Dwelling structures, the property owner or their authorized agent must self-certify that the bedrooms comply with the interconnected smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector requirements.

How do I know if my bedroom(s) were legally created?

Please visit the inspection process for more detailed information related to the required building inspection.

How long is the permit valid and how often do I need a building inspection?

The resident of a short-term rental must obtain a renewal from Community Development yearly. A site inspection of the bedroom(s) to be used as a short-term rental is required for the initial application and can be initiated at the City’s discretion with 24-Hours’ notice.

Can renters apply for a short-term rental permit?

Yes, but they must have their landlord’s approval. A Short-Term Rental permit application must include signatures by the property owner and/or resident.

Where do I turn in my application?

Application forms are located on the Community Development website, but short-term rental permits are not available via online permitting or payment at this time. Customers are strongly encouraged to submit applications with check (payable to City of Talent) in person at:
City of Talent
Community Development Department
110 E. Main Street
Talent, OR  97540

Do I need to register my STR activity as a business?

Yes, rental activity, including a short-term rental, is considered a business and everyone doing business in the City of Talent is required to register their business.

Do I have to pay transient lodging taxes?

Yes, operators of short-term rentals must collect transient lodging taxes (occupancy tax) from their overnight guests and remit these taxes to the City of Talent.

Can I rent my house when I am away?

Yes, with a short-term rental permit, you must reside in the dwelling unit with the short-term rental at least 200 days per calendar year—roughly 7 months. There are no limits to the number of nights you may have a short-term rental.

How will the City know details about my short-term rental?

All short-term rentals are required to maintain a guest log book with names and home addresses of overnight guests, and the dates of stay. The log must be available for inspection by City staff upon request.

Can I hire someone to run my short-term rental?

Yes, a resident can designate anyone, including a property management company, to manage their short-term rental. The designee must follow all the short-term rental regulations and provide contact information in the Neighborhood Notice.

Do I need my neighbor’s approval?

No, but you must provide a Neighborhood Notice to property within 250 feet of your property. As long as you meet the requirements for short-term rentals and renew your permit yearly you are allowed to rent to overnight guests.

How can I decrease impacts of my short-term rental guests on my neighbors?

Be a good neighbor and expect your guests to be so as well. Most complaints the City will receive about short-term rentals are: on-street parking; noise/activity associated with arriving and departing; and late-night outdoor socializing. House rules and clear expectations for your guests must be established as part of an approval to address these issues.

What if I don't get a permit for my short-term rental?

If you operate a short-term rental without the required permit, you will be found in violation of the Talent Municipal Code and subject to enforcement action. Citations with civil penalties of $250-$500 per day may be issued for violations of Chapter 18.137.070. If a property operates a short-term rental without a license or a current short-term rental receives one or more violations of the Talent Municipal Code that results in a fine during the term of the license, the property owner shall not be allowed to establish or renew the license for a period of 12 months from the license expiration date or for non-permitted violations, 12 months from the date a citation was issued.

What is the process if I have concerns or think my neighbor is not meeting the City’s short-term rental regulations?

We recommend you talk to your neighbor—many issues can be resolved through better communication and simple changes. However, if you believe your neighbor is not meeting the regulations of their permit, or lacks a permit, you may submit a complaint to the City of Talent Code Enforcement Department.