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City of Talent Oregon / Administration/Finance / City Recorder

Office of the City Recorder

​The City Recorder serves the custodian of records and the elections officer for the City. 

City Recorder 

  • Facilitates public relations between the citizens and the City.
  • Maintains record management for all city departments.
  • Serves as Clerk to the City Council.
  • Maintains accurate records of all business proceedings of the Council.
  • Acts as custodian for City ordinances, resolutions, deeds, & contracts.
  • Maintains City Charter and Municipal Code.
  • Maintains official records for the City.
  • Facilitates the City’s portion of liquor license applications and renewals.
Elections Officer
  • Assists candidates as they run for office.
  • Provides election information to citizens.
  • Works closely with the County during election years.

Public Records Request
You can submit a public records request online HERE or print the PDF version HERE to submit in person.

The City's Public Records Request Policy can be reviewed HERE.

For Oregon Secretary of State records retention schedule click HERE.  

If you have any questions, please contact the City Recorder's Office:
City Recorder
541-535-1566 x 1012