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City of Talent Oregon / Community Development / Code Compliance

Code Compliance

Code Compliance

The Code Compliance program includes enforcement of conditions of approval for all Planning Actions, follow-up on Building Code violations, weed abatement, nuisances, vision clearance, sign permits and other sections of the Talent Municipal Code. To inquire about enforcement of the Talent Municipal Code, contact Community Development at 541-535-7401
To file a code violation complaint with the City of Talent, please complete the online
Please CLICK HERE for a printable version of the Complaint Form.

Noxious Vegetation 

The goal of the Noxious Vegetation Ordinance is to gain voluntary compliance. It is essential all residents in the city limits work together to prevent wild fire on their property as well as the spread of noxious weeds. 

It is the responsibility of every property owner and/or the person in charge of property to reduce potentially flammable weeds, grass, vines, brush and other vegetation on their property. Reducing noxious and flammable vegetation works to confine fire to the property and prevent the fire from spreading to a neighboring property. 

Reduction can be completed by cutting or removing flammable or potentially flammable vegetation as close to the ground as is reasonably practical. If flammable vegetation is within the adjacent right of way, it is the property owner’s responsibility to remove the flammable vegetation. 

Any property within the City is required to remove all potentially flammable vegetation on the property and to maintain grass and weeds at a height of no more than 6 inches (during Summer Season beginning May 15th each year). Please CLICK HERE to view the Noxious Vegetation Ordinance (ORD #925).  

Maximum penalty is $250 a day per residential lot and $500 a day for commercial or industrial lots.

For more information on Noxious Vegetation or to make a complaint, please submit an online Code Compliance Complaint Form.

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