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City of Talent Oregon / Parks / Walking and Jogging Trails

Walking and Jogging Trails



Wagner Creek Trail is a public/private access walkway along Wagner Creek, linking Talent Avenue to Highway 99. A sidewalk at Wagner Creek bridge on Talent Ave. follows a park-like stream side through the Old Bridge development to an unpaved private access path that winds among trees in a natural woodland setting along the creek through SOS Plumbing property to the Hwy. 99 sidewalk. Two benches along the path invite strollers to pause and enjoy the cool shade, exuberant green and sight and sound of running water. Created in 2011 entirely by volunteers, the trail still depends on friends and neighbors and occasional work- parties for upkeep.

Map of Proposed Walking Trail

Description of the Proposed Trail System
The City of Talent is applying for a state grant to construct a trail system of slightly more than one mile in Chuck Roberts Park on Talent Avenue. The proposed trail system would link the park’s various recreational areas and be an active recreational element within itself.
The trail system would feature three loops: a Shade Loop through mature trees, which would be ADA accessible; a Mountain View Loop (around the open space where soccer goals currently stand); and an Upper Loop (around two of the Little League fields).
Connecting paths would link the three loops, making the one-mile circuit possible. In addition, a path would cut straight across the open space to the Little League fields.

Name of the Trail System

The trail system will be named the Heritage Trail to celebrate Talent Avenue’s location on the historic Applegate Trail. In the future, heritage markers will be placed along the trail to commemorate Talent’s pioneer heritage, Native American heritage, agriculture heritage, service heritage, etc. Some citizens have already expressed interest in planting a heritage garden.

Benefits of the Trail System

Fitness: The trail system would provide a place for the community to walk or jog for exercise.
Connectivity: The trail system would connect the park’s various recreational elements, making the park more cohesive. In addition, it would establish a clear connection between the RVTD bus stop, at the park’s entrance, with the Little League fields. Also, by connecting to three existing (but seldom used) alleys leading into the park from Arnos Avenue, the trail system would formalize a direct walking link between the park and the neighborhoods on its north side.
Inclusiveness: The trail system would correct the common misperception that Talent’s parks offer nothing for adults—that they are “only for kids.” We envision everyone from small children with their parents to seniors using the trail system. In addition, the Shade Loop, with its ADA accessibility, will be designed for people in wheelchairs. In short, the trail system would increase usage of Chuck Roberts Park by making it more appealing to a wider range of people.
Community Pride: The views of Grizzly Peak and Roxy Ann Butte from the trail system would remind us that we live in a beautiful place. Meanwhile, the Heritage theme would foster an appreciation for the history of our community.