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City of Talent Oregon / News

Controlled Burn Initiated Above Ashland to Mitigate Wildfire Risk

Starting on Thursday, November 30th, the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest is conducting a controlled burn as part of the Ashland Forest Resiliency Project. The burn site is Winburn Ridge above Reeder Reservoir, and it will continue over the next few days to mitigate wildfire risk.

Expect Evening Smoke in Ashland
Evening smoke is anticipated to impact areas including Lithia Park, downtown, streets along Ashland Creek (Oak, Helman), and around the dog park. Daytime smoke might move south, affecting trails and roads in the upper watershed. Favorable weather conditions, including expected rain, will aid in smoke dispersion, making it an opportune time to reduce wildfire risk to the town and watershed.

How does this impact the City of Talent?
The City of Talent would like to inform residents of controlled burns in neighboring Ashland due to visability of smoke. Occasionally, smoke from controlled burns in Ashland may drift into Talent. 

Sign Up for Notifications
For controlled burn notifications, email afrpartners@ashland.or.us or leave a message at (541) 552-2218.

Dealing with Smoke
Close windows in the evening, and individuals sensitive to smoke should stay indoors. Consider using a HEPA quality air purifier if air quality declines. Visit smokewiseashland.org for comprehensive resources on maintaining health during smoky conditions.