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Temporary Shelter Closure Due to Respiratory Illness

Effective immediately, the shelter will be closed to the public and its usual activities to manage what appears to be a type of respiratory illness mimicking kennel cough. 

As we see more and more dogs becoming symptomatic, we must put measures into place to manage the spread of illness and the treatment of the animals exhibiting these symptoms. We hope this effort will be successful and we can return to normal operations as soon as possible. 

The Oregon Veterinary Medical Association, in a press release yesterday, had the following suggestions for dog owners:
  • Ensure all dogs are current on all their vaccines, including canine influenza, Bordetella, and parainfluenza.
  • For event organizers: Dogs should have a health check 12-24 hours before the event. Have a DVM onsite checking dogs for health issues (mild nasal discharge, cough, elevated temperature, being off food).
  • Please consult your veterinarian for dog-specific advice before attending any events where dogs are congregated.
  • Reduce contact with large numbers of unknown dogs. Like other respiratory pathogens, the more contact your dog has, the greater the risk of encountering an infectious dog. 
  • Reduce contact with sick dogs. This can be harder to determine, but if a dog looks sick (coughing, runny nose, runny eyes), keep your dog away from it. 
  • Keep sick dogs at home and seek veterinary care. 
  • Avoid communal water bowls shared by multiple dogs. 
  • Ask your veterinarian for advice on which vaccinations your dog should have. Common vaccinations include canine influenza, Bordetella, and parainfluenza.
  • If your dog is sick, consider having your dog tested with a PCR test to help determine the causative agent (viral/bacterial), if possible.
Thank you for your understanding and patience as we mitigate these challenges.

Read original notice [here]