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Online Survey Seeking Community Input for Greenway Re-Visioning Project

>>>Take an online survey for the Hwy 99/Bear Creek Corridor Re-Visioning Project!<<<

The HWY 99 / Bear Creek Greenway Corridor Re-Visioning will create a comprehensive vision and strategies to redevelop land in Talent, Phoenix, and Jackson County that was affected by the 2020 Almeda Fire. This is the area that runs along HWY 99 and the Bear Creek Greenway.

This project is focused on land uses, development, and better-connected transportation routes along both sides of HWY 99; however, this project will not identify any changes to the highway itself.
The project study area (shown within the dotted line on the map below) encompasses land along both sides of HWY 99 between Ashland and Medford.

The HWY 99/Bear Creek Greenway Corridor Re-Visioning Project will…

  • Support transportation options like walking, biking and transit throughout the corridor.
  • Evaluate ways to build more housing.
  • Identify areas for mixed-use developments so that people can be closer to their destinations, which makes it easier to walk and bike.
We want to hear about your vision for the HWY 99/Bear Creek Greenway Corridor. The four survey questions in the survey are about your ideas and priorities for this area as it continues to rebuild. There is also an interactive map at the end where you can show us specific locations that you believe are important opportunities for new development or community improvements. This online survey and interactive map will be live through December 14, 2022.
>>Survey Link Here<<