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From Cabinets to Canvas: Local Artistry Thrives in Talent City Hall

From Cabinets to Canvas
Local Artistry Takes Center Stage in the Talent City Hall Building. A glimpse of past, present and future artists providing ‘Beyond the Walls’ experience in Talent.   

Ron Hodgdon 06/2022 Ron is a popular local artist. He specializes in Water Colors, Graphic Arts, and Photography

Charley Cross  1/24/2024 Photographer  “If I help you pause and see something fresh, or if you feel moved, then I have done my job.”

Mitch Aragon 1/24/2023  Etched Granite “I continue using discarded (granite) stone and upcycling it into an art piece to bring joy and beauty to homes and gardens."

Miles Frode 3/9/2023 Bold oil paintings/sculptures.  “Miles falls asleep and wakes up in art.”

Tarik Ragab    7/6/2023 Acrylic painting.  “Artist and musician whose visual art combines Lowbrow, Street Art, Pop Culture, and Surrealism.”

Erin Carney Moline    7/25/2023  “Erin creates powerful collages made with tape and cardboard, to serene acrylic.” 

Jarrett Rex Davidson 10/9/2023 Jarrett creates 3D art using wood, glass, and traditional methods that has “characters and representational themes that have recurred throughout art history.” 

Elizabeth Schrey 1/9/2024 Photography.  “Influences are sparked by my curiosity of my surroundings and the dramatic connections between theatre and photography.”

Bruce Bayard 1/9/2024  Miniature trains “All graffiti on these models are based on what I’ve seen rolling by over the years, but all created new; original tags.”

Silvia Trujillo  4/10/2024 Watercolor landscapes and local teacher in the Rogue Valley.

Megan Young 8/15/2024 Plein air painting “exploring unfamiliar places through plein air painting which caters to my sense of adventure, while enhancing my appreciation for the natural world.”

To learn more about submitting art for display at Talent City Hall, please contact Talent Public Art Committee Chair Donna Ruiz at publicarts@cityoftalent.org.