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City of Talent Oregon / Commissions & Committees / Affordable Housing Advisory Committee

Affordable Housing Advisory Committee

The Affordable Housing Advisory Committee is an appointed citizen body with the primary responsibility of providing recommendations to the Mayor and City Council on matters involving the development of affordable housing programs to be funded by the City share of the Affordable Housing Construction Excise Tax. 

The Affordable Housing Advisory Committee consists of five (5) members the majority of whom reside within the city of Talent. To achieve the greatest breadth of knowledge and experience among committee members, the Council endeavors to recruit and appoint members that represent a balance from among the following groups: tenant or affordable housing organizations, local realtors, affordable housing operators or developers, members of the local construction or development community,  and local lending institutions.

Meetings: committee not currently meeting or active.

Contact: City Recorder at 541-535-1566 x6 or email at cityrecorder@cityoftalent.org

Affordable Housing Enacting Resolution 2020-0110-R