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Updated October 18, 2018

TURA and the Gateway Project Pt. 9

With winter rains coming, TURA has been working quickly on final site cleanup at the Gateway. Many of you may have seen the excavated metal objects and fencing throughout October. These are old fuel tanks and other metal debris from a time of fewer environmental regulations. The expensive surveying that was required to find the pieces were paid for by a state grant. Some of the cleanup (or “remediation”) can also be covered by the grant, but TURA allocated up to an additional $40,000 to cover the cleanup costs. It was known going into the surveying that some extra cleanup may be required. On the plus side, this cleanup improves the environmental quality on the site and makes the land usable for the uses Talent desires. Higher water can add costs, so the cleanup will be completed as soon as possible.
The next step to watch for is the beginning of the other arm of the roundabout! The roundabout arm will provide one of the access points to the site, and is due to be built by next Spring. In the Spring, the beginning of the extension will be built along TID’s property, but not through it, since TID has not yet agreed to sell their land. Stay tuned for further updates!

TURA and the Gateway Project Pt. 8

Approved Concept PlanOctober brings big news and continued progress! The Gateway Development Agreement was signed in September and pre-construction activity is already underway. Below are the lot-by-lot details of the deal, as well as a review of the costs and return on investment. Maps and 3D renderings of the project can be viewed on the Gateway web site and on-site on the large signs near the roundabout and Hwy 99 intersections.
To help bring additional affordable housing to Talent, TURA is selling the land for the 60-unit senior, affordable housing to DOSO Properties for $1. Its planned location is along Hwy 99 just North of Jahnke Heating and Air. TURA is also paying the System Development Charges (SDCs) for this part of the project, most of which go directly to the City of Talent to fund future infrastructure. The building will be rent-protected for decades to come, yet include space-saving and energy-efficient features like underground parking and rooftop solar. DOSO Properties’ expertise with affordable housing projects helped bring this unique opportunity to Talent, which will meet a portion of the city’s affordable housing need with features that fit Talent’s values.
Where the site meets the Ganges neighborhood, there will be pedestrian connections and a new downtown neighborhood of 20 townhomes, built in groups of 4. DOSO will purchase the land for this portion at appraised value (est. $520k-$560k) and pay the SDCs. The townhomes are estimated at 1400 square feet (sf) and will be sold at market rate, providing additional “missing middle” housing. New, modestly-sized housing is a key component in meeting long-term housing needs. This townhome neighborhood will also provide a pleasant, medium-sized transition into downtown from the existing neighborhood of mostly single-story homes.
In the center of the site will be an open, public green space surrounded by pedestrians connections, with shared view and access from the townhomes for safety and convenience. TURA will develop this portion of the site. The estimated cost is $230,000 for hard surfaces, grass, landscaping, and utilities. Art and other decorative elements are not included in this initial development, but could be added later. The central open space will provide relaxation, greenery, and beautiful views of the surrounding mountains.
Approved Concept Plan

The site along Valley View near Hwy 99 will have a new 2500-5000 sf commercial building with plaza outside, and is planned for an active use like a brewery or restaurant. The infrastructure for it may be built in the early phases, with the final design and building to follow when a tenant is secured. On this portion, TURA is also selling the land to DOSO for $1 and paying the SDCs (est. $96k). The goal is to catalyze the development additional active, pedestrian-oriented downtown space.
Off the roundabout, the street that will eventually connect to Wagner will begin, providing access to business parking and a connection through the new neighborhood. TURA will complete this portion before the other construction begins, at an estimated cost of $150,000. Look for this road construction to begin within the next 6 months.
On the property next to the roundabout, DOSO will prepare the site with utilities and infrastructure, and will have the first option to purchase the lot (at market rate) for development. If DOSO chooses not to develop it, it can be sold to another developer, and DOSO would be reimbursed for its initial construction investments. The site could support either 1- or 2-story commercial uses.
The last lot, just South of the picturesque opening which will exist at the intersection of Hwy 99 and Valley View, is the site reserved for locally-grown non-profit Talent Maker City (TMC). The agreement with DOSO recognizes that TURA is working separately with TMC on an agreement for that site. TURA will continue to refine that second agreement in upcoming meetings.
Overall, TURA’s investment in the project is expected to reach $3.2 million, which includes land and project-related costs back to 2016. But the resulting investment of over $20 million will create property taxes that pay it back in 10-13 years from project completion, depending on how fast land values go up. A recent Mail Tribune article stated a 45-year return, but that calculation only included the City of Talent taxes, whereas TURA collects taxes across many districts. The City of Talent’s portion is just under 17% of TURA’s total. In addition, Talent gains the community and economic benefits of this exciting new development.
Thanks for reading and staying involved!

Talent Gateway Site Development Planning & Feasibility

Site Map
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The Transportation and Growth Management (“TGM”) Program is a joint effort of the Oregon Department of Transportation (“ODOT”) and the Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development (“DLCD”). The purposes of the TGM program are to strengthen the capability of local governments to effectively manage growth and comply with the Transportation Planning Rule, to integrate transportation and land use planning, and to encourage transportation-efficient land uses that support modal choice and efficient performance of transportation facilities and services.
Talent Gateway Site Development Plan offers an opportunity for City of Talent and Talent Urban Renewal Agency (“TURA”) to plan for future development in a way that reduces transportation system demand. The concepts and plans for project area will be consistent with compact, mixed use, pedestrian-friendly, low-impact, and sustainable development.

Project Objectives and Outcomes
  • Develop a phased program for future mixed-use development that includes illustrative conceptual architectural and site plans consistent with TGM objectives and TURA’s development goals.
Annotated Map
  • Determine market feasibility of various types of community identified mixed-use development products in Project Area.
  • Determine economic feasibility of illustrative conceptual architectural and site plans consistent with City, TURA, and TGM objectives. Identify barriers to and potential incentives for development based on illustrative conceptual architectural and site plans.
  • Determine what off-site transportation improvements may be needed to accommodate and support mixed use development.

Project Management Team notes and presentations can be viewed by clicking the links below.  
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PMT Meeting #2
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PMT Meeting #4

Click here for more information about upcoming  and past open houses and community forums.

Gateway Project in the News

Each month the Talent Urban Renewal Agency will publish a news article in the FLASH to explain and provide updates on the Gateway Project and to help residents understand the vision of Talent Urban Renewal.  You can follow the conversation by visiting the link to the FLASH below:

TURA and The Gateway Project