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Long Range Planning Projects

Long range planning involves planning for future growth, development, and conservation within the City through the development and adoption of the Talent Comprehensive Plan and development regulations contained in City Ordinances. The City’s Comprehensive Plan, Zoning Code and Subdivision Ordinance provide the guidelines and criteria upon which the City Planner and the Planning Commission base their decisions.
All Long Range planning applications whether City initiated or submitted by citizens are heard by the Planning Commission and the City Council through a public hearing. In all cases, notices to properties surrounding the project are sent out before and after the final decision has been rendered.
Long range planning applications currently being reviewed as well as those recently reviewed can be found by clicking on the appropriate link below. 

Comprehensive Plan Amendment
Housing Needs Analysis
Conceptual Planning TA4 & TA5
Development Code Amendment​
Economic Opportunity Analysis (EOA)
Interstate Area Management Plan (IAMP21)