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City of Talent Transportation System Update

The Talent Transportation System Plan (TSP) guides the management of existing transportation facilities and the design and implementation of future facilities for the next 20 years.  The TSP constitutes the transportation system element of the comprehensive plan and satisfies the requirements of the Oregon Transportation Planning Rule (TPR). The last TSP Update was adopted by the City in March 2007, but was an update that only focused on updating street information, correcting street classifications and included improved street and right-of-way width requirements with more rational implantation policies. 
The goal of the TSP is to provide a safe and efficient transportation system that reduces energy requirements, regional air contaminants and public costs and provides for the needs of these not able or wishing to drive automobiles. 
The City of Talent is currently in the final process of updating the Transportation System Plan, addressing population growth and changes in employment, updating street inventories, and addressing the requirements of the Regional Transportation Plan and other statewide planning requirements. 
TSP Open House
Tuesday, January 20, 2015 from 4 PM – 7PM at the Talent Community Center, 206 E. Main Street in Talent
TSP Tech Memos
TSP Tech Memo #1 Revised 8/2013
TSP Tech Memo #2 Revised 10/2013
TSP Tech Memo #3 Revised 10/2013
TSP Tech Memo #4 Revised  3/2014
TSP Tech Memo #4 Revised 1/2015
TSP Tech Memo #4 Figures Revised 1/2015

TSP Open House Presentation 1/2015

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