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Fire season has officially started.


Minimize Community Wildfire Risks
Fire season is here, and it is time to enforce the City’s Weed Abatement Ordinance to minimize fire hazards. In the spring and summer, the City enforces the Obnoxious Vegetation ordinance (#716) as a preventative measure against fire hazards and to keep weeds from spreading. The Talent Municipal Code prohibits the growth of any obnoxious weed or high grasses over 10 inches on property located in the City.
What is considered Obnoxious Vegetation? 
Obnoxious vegetation includes items such as Poison Oak, Poison Ivy, or blackberry bushes that extend into a public thoroughfare or across a property line. It also includes weeds or grass that has grown to more than 10 inches high and grass that is going to seed and vegetation that impairs the view of a public thoroughfare or makes a thoroughfare hazardous or dangerous. Obnoxious vegetation does not include agriculture crop unless it becomes a health, traffic, or fire hazard. 

Who is responsible to remove Obnoxious Vegetation? 
It is the duty of an owner or person in charge of property to cut down or to destroy obnoxious vegetation.
To make a complaint: 
To make a complaint about a property within the City limits of Talent, please download the Code Complaint Form.  Please provide detailed information including the address you are reporting and what you have observed. Be sure to include your name and number so we can call you back if we need more clarification about your complaint.

How the abatement process works: 
After our staff has observed a violation of either tall grass or obnoxious vegetation we will 
immediately notify the property owner via letter. They will then have ten days to remove the obnoxious vegetation. 

What if they don’t respond to the first letter? 
If they do not respond to the first notification letter, City staff will post a sign on the offending property and mail a certified letter via the U.S. Postal Service notifying the property owner that they must abate the obnoxious vegetation within seven days. If after the seven day waiting period, there has been no action, the City will hire a licensed contractor to bring the property under compliance. The property owner will be charged for the work at the per/hour rate of the contractor hired to remedy the violation. 

For more information? 
For other questions or concerns please call the City’s Code Enforcement Officer at 541-535-7401, leave a detailed message with contact information your call will be returned.​