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Talent Public Works Department IPM Update – Talent is Buzzing to Bee Pesticide-Free!

Talent Public Works Department IPM Update – Talent is Buzzing to Bee Pesticide-Free!
By Bret Marshall, Director
After several years of community-wide interest and discussion and seven focused months of meeting, studying, drafting, learning and trial and error, the Public Works Department is very pleased to announce that on December 5 2018, the City Council unanimously adopted Talent’s Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Policy (Click link to see document). 
The IPM applies to all City-managed lands, including our parks. The IPM’s goals include:
  • Phasing out synthetic pesticides (include glyphosate) by the end of 2021;
  • Prioritizing prevention, manual maintenance and ecological and other non-chemical control methods and using pesticides (other than organic low hazard pesticides) only as a last resort;
  • Safeguarding the health, safety and welfare of people, pollinators, (we are a Bee City, after all!) pets and the environment; and
  • Educating Talent community members as to the health and environmental hazards of pesticides, and working towards phasing out the sale, provision, use and disposal of such pesticides.
Our staff have been testing out different organic pesticides and natural control methods over the last several months and we will continue to collect data, refine our results and seek creative solutions (including weed steaming!) to help make our community safer.
This achievement was an effort by many people in our community, and special thanks to our Mayor Darby Ayers-Flood, Councilor Stephanie Dolan, Parks Commissioners Gordon Mobley and Jesse Lunzman, Together for Talent volunteers Jim Thompson and Dolly Warden, consultants/facilitators Rhianna Simes, Lisa Arkin and Kristina Lefever and also to Bradley Wilson and Gerlinde Smith for designing and maintaining beautiful pollinator gardens in our City to show us all how this can be done without synthetic pesticides.