Daria Land
Council Member Seat 1


Daria is a Talent-based telecommuter who creates and manages tailored marketing strategies in the developer/software space in partnership with Developer Media, with an audience of 13 million developers worldwide.  Daria has 10+ years in development and the non-profit sector addressing community needs in the Rogue Valley, by championing community awareness and involvement. As your agent, I am committed to working collaboratively with City staff and Talent residents on matters of inspiring an innovative and sustainable economic development vision that drives economic growth, attracts and retains businesses, residents and visitors alike, boosting affordable housing for local working families, strengthening the Talent brand and community engagement and representation for all segments within our community.  #DontBeIdle

Council term expires: 12/31/2022

Commissions & Committees

Budget Committee
Talent Public Art Committee
Civil Rights Ad-Hoc Committee

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Phone: 541-535-1566
FAX: 541-535-7423

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